Learning Goals

Participants develop skill sets and knowledge in management and leadership through three components: Accomplished Faculty, World Class Curriculum and Peer Learning.

A supportive learning environment is created as participants engage with faculty and peers. Throughout the journey they unlearn, reflect, and redefine their boundaries. The critical learning outcomes in the programme will focus on

Strategy & Leadership Skills:

Increased awareness of exercising leadership through key initiatives, execution, influencing, inspiring and empowering people, and managing change.

Critical and  Integrative Thinking:

Ability to identify the central issue amidst incomplete/overwhelming information, draw inferences & recommendations, and deploy them effectively to solve business problems.

Functional Specialisation:

Have an opportunity for deeper learning in either Finance or Marketing to confidently steer these functions to transformation.

Ethical Responsibility:

Have the ability to make responsible decisions through enhanced sensitivity to various stakeholders, communities, and environment that are affected by management decisions.

The students get the opportunity to immediately apply knowledge in their organisation and eventually lead to consolidating their position in a functional area of their choice and going on to becoming exceptional leaders with a strategic mind set.