Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an organisation of the students of the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP). The organisation is governed by the Graduate Student Board (GSB) and it comprises representatives elected by members of the GSA.

The GSB is the primary vehicle for coordinating and managing student activities and initiatives, bothacademic and extracurricular. It represents the interest of PGP studentsin the Indian School of Business (ISB)administration. The association therefore gives its input to enrich the School’s curriculum. GSB members are elected from the student body after they are about two months into the programme. GSB Core representatives prepare a common minimum platform at the beginning of their tenure and generate regular status reports on their progress and initiatives.


PresidentShyam NambiarNikhil Gumbhir
Director, Academic Affairs Council (AAC)Sahil BhagtaniRonojoy Chatterjee
Director, Alumni Affairs Council (ALC)Vivek DesaiTrisha Roy
Director, Career Advancement Council (CAC)Suhrid PalsuleAshish Khanna
Director, Finance, Governance and Special InitiativesPrayatn MahajanSarthak Ahuja
Director - Marketing & Communications Council (MCC)Anisha SarafPavika Singh
Director - Operations & Sustainability Council (OSC)Santosh BaradwajNarendra Yendru
Director - Student Life Council (SLC)Deepansha TrivediAgniv Dutta