Programme Content

The programme will be designed to impart a holistic learning through the right balance of academic lectures, India-centric case studies, classroom exercises, field visits, cultural visits and interaction with leaders from both corporate and government sectors. While the actual programme will be customi

Understanding Indian Business Environment
  • Understanding Indian political system and its impact on business

  • Analysing Indian economic growth drivers and identifying challenges and opportunities

  • Appreciating Indian culture, attitudes, norms and social trends and how that effects business management

  • Understanding Indian legal system including tax laws, consumer laws, regulations etc.

  • Appreciating how Information Technology, R&D and innovative processes are transforming the business landscape

Appreciating Indian Market Realities
  • Getting into the Indian consumer psyche by understanding what they value, how they make choices and what are the influences

  • Understanding Indian managerial practices, people processes and operational challenges

  • Getting an insider’s view into the working of the Indian multinationals – how are they playing at the global level by leveraging their local strengths

  • Knowing how the global companies are localising their models for the Indian market

  • Appreciating Indian SMEs as a source of disruptive innovations and business models

Incorporating India as a strategic link in the Global supply

Analysing successful business strategies of global corporations to understand how companies can leverage India as part of their strategic supply chain.

India as the new frontier of Innovation

Understanding how global companies are using India as an innovation lab, what type of innovative and dynamic business models are evolving to cater to a rapidly growing economy and how companies can learn from these and implement the same in other emerging markets.

Action Learning Project

Throughout the duration of the programme, participants will be undertaking an action learning project, wherein they will apply the concepts learnt to a scenario that is relevant to their organisations. This will ensure that at the end of the programme they will not only have a solid grasp over the issues, but will also be ready with an action plan to incorporate an India-centric approach as part of their organisations’ core strategy.